Cloud Cult's "Stories from the Road" is a series of short documentary films that highlight the inspiring stories of individual fans the band has met while on tour. Each of the stories focuses on people who have overcome incredible obstacles in their lives and instead of being crushed by the struggle, they chose to bring beauty to the planet in the process. 

These videos from Cloud Cult Films, which were directed and produced by Jeff D. Johnson of Motion 117 Productions, are a small handful of the many inspiring stories Cloud Cult fans have shared with us, and it's these kinds of empowering stories that fuel the Cloud Cult ship. In an era when the bulk of news media focuses on the negative things going on in the world, more attention needs to be given to the people who's powerful life stories inspire hope in humanity... and that is the goal of Cloud Cult's "Stories from the Road".
Watch the Series Trailer:


Watch Episode #1 "The Hiker (Denver, CO)The story of Spencer Anderson is ​every hiker's nightmare. But what happens to him after is so rare, that you can't help but think miracles can come true.

Watch Episode #2 "Charity from the Spirit World" (Memphis, TN): A story about a woman named Gayle Rose who undergoes a massive unexpected loss, and does something truly extraordinary. 

Watch Episode #3 "The Kid with a Dream" (Salt Lake City, UT):  Cole Cooper was born with a seriously debilitating spinal disease that worsened through his childhood to the point that he could barely breathe. What this kid does with his life story will change the way you look at your day.

Watch Episode #4 (Three Angels): In this week's story, entitled "Three Angels", we meet Jessica Peterson, a mom from River Falls, WI who is quite possibly one of the brightest spirits any of us in the band have ever met.  There are very few people on the planet who have to endure this kind of tragedy, but her resilience is the kind of contagious inner light that will set your soul on fire.