Cloud Cult "UNPLUG" Tour Dates:


Seattle, WA: Little Big Show (benefit show)

Neptune Theater, 1303 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA


KEXP, STG and Starbucks join our Seattle-loving hearts to bring you Little Big Show, a concert series created to benefit our city’s arts organizations.

Several times a year, we find a great band or two, give ‘em the stage at The Neptune and donate 100% of ticket sales to a local non-profit. It’s the little show with a big effect.

(Note: this is not a Cloud Cult "Unplug" double set event, although our set here will be a full mix of both acoustic and electric.)

$15 Age limit: All ages

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Cloud Cult: The Spirituality of Music


Cloud Cult Feature Length Movie
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GET A CLOUD CULT PAINTING: Cloud Cult has two professional painters on stage for the band's live shows. The paintings are created live during the set and auctioned off at the end of the show. Now's your chance to get your own painting from one of these talented painters. For a modest amount, you can commission the painters to create a painting with your chosen theme. Check out the artists' websites (Connie Minowa and Scott West) for samples of their work and email us if you are interested in learning more.